Photo Release

  • MGC reserves the right to use a singer's likeness in a photograph, video or other digital media on our website, Facebook page, brochure or other publications. 
  • MGC reserves the right to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these photos for any lawful purpose.
  • MGC will never post the singer's name, age or city of origin.
  • Rights to inspect or approve finished product wherein a singer's likeness appears are waived.
  • Rights to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the singer's likeness are waived.
  • Parents, legal guardians and responsible adults hold MGC harmless from all claims, demands and causes of action in relation to this photo release.


  • One-time non-refundable registration fee: $50 per new singer
  • Returned check fee is $30 per check
  • Payments can be made with a major credit card or by check. 
  • Payment plans are available; please email Laurel to make arrangements. 
    • Payment plans for the Fall Session and Full Season must be completed by December 1. 
    • Payment plans for the Spring Session must be completed by April 1. 
  • Registration must be complete, and tuition and fees must be paid, before singers begin attending rehearsals, unless a trial class has been arranged by emailing Laurel.
  • Sibling discounts available:
    • Younger siblings receive a 20% discount deducted from their level's tuition
    • Older siblings enrolling at a later date than a younger sibling receive a discount equaling 20% off younger sibling's tuition
  • No pro-rated tuition may be applied for late enrollment
  • There is no refund, discount or pro-rating for missed classes  


  • Refunds for dropping singers enrolled in the fall or full session (Sept - May):
    • Within the first 4 classes in the fall session but before September 30: 90% tuition refund
    • After 4 classes but before October 31: 50% tuition refund
    • No refunds after October 31

  • Refunds for ALL dropping singers who paid for the SPRING session ONLY (January - May):
    • Within the first 4 classes in the fall session but before January 30: 90% tuition refund
    • After 4 classes but before February 15: 50% tuition refund
    • No refunds after February 15


  • We do everything possible to schedule our performances months in advance. This is to ensure that all choir members and families plan for and can attend all scheduled performances.
  • Attendance at all dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory
  •  Choir members may be exempted from a performance or dress rehearsal for illness, significant church or school events like graduations and bat/bar mitzvahs or confirmations and important family events. 
  •  Members who wish to be excused from attending a concert or dress rehearsal are expected to inform their teacher as far in advance as possible. 
  •  Examples of performances are: Holiday concert, Barnes and Noble fundraisers, Outreach concerts, Spring Graduation concert, etc. 
  •  A student may not miss a dress rehearsal for any reason other than those stated above, or she may not be allowed to participate in the associated performance.

Performance Attire

  • Fresco and Giocoso costume fee of $20 covers the white or blue chorus t-shirt. Frescos wear their own black leggings or black pants with their t-shirt for performances
  • Arioso, Bel Canto and Chantons costume fee of $95 covers the chorus polo and black performance dress
  • Shoes and stockings are the responsibility of the singers, and both need to be black


  • Chorus retreats and tour fees are not funded by the chorus, and participating singers are charged separate fees to cover these events
  • Choir families are responsible for purchasing event tickets for any concerts they may wish to attend