Starting with the Lower Division for girls in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade, through our Chantons Chorus of high school voices, all of our singers are infused with the joy and beauty of choral singing.  The choral levels and classes combine to sing for community events, retirement homes, holiday celebrations, choral festivals, and other special opportunities.  Twice yearly, our singers present formal concerts for friends, families, and the general public.  Singers are invited to join in September and January.  You are always welcome to come experience the excellence and beauty of our choral singing!

We offer 5 levels of classes, beginning with Fresco (kindergarten and first graders), proceeding with Giocoso (second and third graders), Arioso (fourth and fifth graders) Bel Canto (middle school, grades 6-8) and Chantons (high school singers). Participants in the chorus learn age-appropriate vocal technique, music theory, and an eclectic collection of songs. Ear training, harmony, beat and rhythm, note-reading, expressiveness, and ensemble singing are all elements of MGC's rehearsal and performance goals. Singing games and folk dances are a special addition to the rehearsals, aiding the young singers in feeling music through movement, as well as providing social opportunities and an element of fun.

Girls with natural, clear voices, ability to sing on pitch, and a desire to learn a wide variety of music are perfect candidates for our program. For younger singers, no prior musical experience is necessary. For older singers, some musical background is helpful, such as piano or other instrument lessons, or singing in other choirs.

We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming your daughter to the joys of singing with the Marin Girls Chorus!