One of the greatest joys as a musician is making music with other people. Learning one's instrument is key, and private lessons support what is learned in a choral setting; but there are things learned in chorus that happen only here. In a chorus, you have the chance to learn to harmonize, which is not as easy as you think! Harmonizing develops the musical ear to a high degree and is a key component in singing. In a group setting, you can learn from the other students and learn to work with other people on blending, entering and ending together, breathing, etc. The sound we make is unique, because voices joined in song have no equal. Performance opportunities are more numerous than for a soloist, because the group is invited to sing for many community events. The repertoire for choral groups is completely different from that for solo voice, and children love to study the marvelous volume of wonderful music available. In summary, chorus provides social, educational, and performance aspects, as well as beautiful sounds for the "budding" singer.