Audition is such a scary word!!! We schedule “Vocal Placement Hearings” for the director to meet the singer and hear her voice, and we try to keep this meeting from being scary, and work to make it a friendly get-to-know-each-other time.

For singers in Kindergarten and First Grade, no placement hearings are required. Just come and sing with us!

For all other singers, the placement hearing is a starting point for the director to know her ensemble so appropriate repertoire choices can be made, and to track the singer's progress. The girls are scheduled to come at a specific time and meet with the Artistic Director for this hearing, which only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. The singer should be prepared to sing a simple song of her own choosing, and will then run through a few vocal drills with the teacher. Placement hearings are held in August for the fall session and in late December/January for the spring session.

For 4th-8th graders, the singers will also be asked to sight-sing simple melodies, sight-read rhythms, and repeat a series of short melodies demonstrated by the director, but don’t let this frighten you, either!  Again, it’s for placement and bench-marking.  If you know nothing about musical notation, we’ll skip this step and get you going in a theory book.